Saturday, 20 October 2012

Five Boroughs Garage Sale

What a beautiful day we had today at the Five Boroughs garage sale! There was a fantastic array of vintage bric-a-brac available such as old cameras, furniture, hard cover books and beautiful tea cups and sauces. As well as these there were some gorgeous vintage clothes for sale (brought to you by my two red haired friends with a slight obsession for all things vintage-who can blame them really!) that were so cheap they were pretty much free. My own clothes didn't sell so in, I earned enough to cover my two very necessary coffees for the day and the Myki fair that got me to East Brunswick (though this could have something to do with the expense of our public transportation system). Perhaps I should see this as some sort of sartorial sign? Maybe these clothes really do deserve another shot in my wardrobe. Despite my minimal monetary gains however, I still had a great day selling some fantastic items, chatting to the friendly locals and watching the cutest kids devour our homemade marshmallow covered cupcakes.

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