Monday, 29 October 2012

The Little Black Dress

Every woman has one (and perhaps even some men-hey, it's cool, I don't judge) and I myself have at least ten. I'm talking about the ultimate wardrobe staple, the item of clothing that can get you out of any 'holy crap what am I going to wear?!' situation. The piece of clothing that can be made formal or casual, get you from point A to point B, take you from day to night and pretty much has the ability to cover the dress code for any event. WHAT'S THAT? THE ANNUAL PENCIL SHARPENERS CONVENTION IS ON?! WHY, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO WEAR! And that, of course, would be the Little Black Dress (or LBD if your 'down with the lingo', as the kids are saying these days). The LBD truly is the champion of the wardrobe so I thought I would write this little post to show my respect...after all, it's gotten me out of more fashion conundrums than I care to think about.

Fashion historians will ascribe the origins of the Little Black Dress to the 1920's design by Coco Chanel, which was originally a dress that was created for it's simple, versatile, affordable and timeless appeal. True to it's origins, the Little Black Dress has indeed remained timeless for the past 95 years, and you know what? I can't see this as a trend that will ever disappear. So, the next time you slip into your little black number, say a little thank you because you know it's always got your back.

What I'm wearing
Dress: from H and M
Shoes: vintage from Amsterdam
Necklace: from designer ACHE
Chambray shirt: from an op shop in Paris

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