Friday, 12 October 2012

Dirty Dancing With The Devil

You know what? I feel a bit bad for poor old Satan really, he's got the worst reputation. People think he's all fire, brimstone and torturing souls after death (god, people can be so dramatic!), but I reckon he's not half bad. On Thursday night I had a wonderful dining experience with Lucifer himself (or 'Lucie', as I like to call him...we're on a first name basis you see), where I was tantalized by whimsy, great food and even better vodka.

I am, of course, talking about Brunswick Streets 'Naked For Satan', the Spanish style pintxos restaurant. Pintxos are delectable morsels of food usually served on bread with toothpicks available both hot and cold. It really is the perfect way to eat, you have one hand free for eating, one hand free for drinking and if you can resist either if those for a few minutes, a mouth free for happy chatter. Naked for Satan has a great fit out going on, with tables for groups, stools for couples, and couches and benches for everyone else in between. As well as this, the mood lighting, iron work surrounds and crazy chandeliers create a rather temptuous and seductive atmosphere. The name of this restaurant originates from the Russian Leon Satanovich who, during the depression, turned the Brunswick street warehouse into a place where he could create vodka stills. The story goes that during the scorching Melbourne summers he would work in just his underwear in order to keep cool and those who were endeavouring to assist him would use the code phrase 'lets get naked for Satan'. Naked for Satan definitely does justice to the old warehouse's history with vodka, producing scrumptious infusions like lychee and ginger, watermelon and mint, opium and rose and, perhaps for the not so faint hearted, the 'naked bitch chilli and cherry'. The food is also great, you may have things like cream cheese, beetroot and walnuts, baby potato and taleggio, traditional tortilla or capsicum, eggplant and coriander all stuffed on to a small mouth appropriate sized piece if bread. And as they're all only two dollars (or one dollar Sunday through to Wednesday-winning!) you can stuff your face until you feel like the epitome of a seven deadly sin-gluttony!

So go on, don't be shy. Take your clothes off and get Naked for Satan...I promise you, it's much more fun on the dark side.

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