Monday, 15 October 2012

A Blender Bender

Sometimes I feel as though Melbourne is the city that just keeps giving. Honestly, You think you know a place and then BAM, you turn down a lane way that you never knew existed that's home to a market you'd never heard of that features all these great Melbourne designers you're now in love with! God I love this city! I am, in fact, referring to my recent run in with the Blender Lane Artists Market, nestled sneakily down Blender Lane (obviously) just off Franklin street (that's 110 Franklin Street to be precise). It's a very small space in comparison to it's obese cousin, the Queen Victoria Market just around the corner, but here I feel like quality and general atmosphere matters more than size. With it's graffitied walls, rickety stalls filled with wonderful creations and a live band hipstering things up while a traditional tea ceremony goes on in the corner (and this is in a lane way people-it doesn't get cooler than that!), the Blender Lane Market hits all the right notes.

I stumbled upon some fantastic artists I'd never heard of before like ADi and the amazing jewellery by Echoes of a Dream as well as designers who are staples in my wardrobe like Run Wild Horses, who continue to amaze me by transforming old watches into wearable art. Pair these with some brilliantly made Turkish treats (my companion inhaled one, pretty much proposed marriage to the stall holder and then promptly ordered another) and the cutest little cupcakes I've seen and you've got yourself one hellova market!

Blender Lane doesn't run every Saturday but do not despair my fellow Melburnian's as this market will be running every Wednesday night through summer from the 14th of November until the 27th of February. So make sure you get down there for an artsy bender at the Blender.

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