Wednesday, 3 October 2012

ACHEing For This Necklace

Walking through Melbourne central yesterday I stumbled upon a few pop up stalls (as one often does in this wonderful city) located just under the tower. One in particular caught my eye and you can imagine my delight and great pleasure (a happy dance of some form may or may not have occurred) when I noticed the most incredible necklace on display. I pretty much ran into the stall, possibly scaring the poor sales assistant, just to check out this bling. By the designer ACHE these necklaces are formed by joining links with varying colours of material woven through. My personal favourite is the blue, pink and orange style which reminds me of a summer sunset...quite appropriate for the warm weather we're experiencing. I took a deep sigh as I turned over the price tag, expecting to be greeted with the feeling of longing that comes with seeing something you really really want to buy but you know you can never afford, and almost had a stroke. Only 30 dollars! Run people. Don't walk.

Pop up stalls in Melbourne Central will remain there for the next month, get on it!

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