Monday, 15 October 2012

Alice McCall-ing me

Hi everyone, my name's Amelia and I'm a dressaholic *insert chorus if slightly slurred acknowledgements here*. I don't really know what happens to me, it's like when I see a beautiful dress I just can't control myself. no matter how much money (or lack thereof) I have in my wallet, all I can think about is buying that garment. I had a particularly bad reaction the other day when I saw the beautiful new Spring/Summer collection by Alice was not just one of her dresses that I wanted, but all of them! My palms got sweaty, I began to shake, I'm having re-occurring dreams concerning the dresses in question...their beautiful pastel colours...gorgeous lace detailing...mmmm.

I digress!

My point is that Alice McCall has most definitely made it onto my fashion radar this season. With a unique blend of bohemian, rock and roll and feminine elements the charm of her label is in the detail-she is able to combine stylistic elements and trends for the season in such a way that appeals to a wide and varying audience (ie. she would never create a hat that looked like a huge fishbowl and call it 'street fashion'). McCall launched her own label at Australian Fashion Week in 2004 (after designing for brands such as Buddhist Punk and Australia's Sass and Bide) and calls it the 'springboard' to the labels success, as department stores such as David Jones, Barneys New York and Harrods London, all purchased her line shortly afterwards.

Call it what you will but McCall's 'Edith dress', 'Bernstein maxi dress', 'Cecile dress' and most of all her 'Clemence maxi dress' have me in a fit of shivers. I'm doing my best, I really am. That's why I'm here, talking to you all to try sort through these problems...guys?...guys? God, A A members are the worst listeners! Looks like I'll just have to get my therapy elsewhere...I hear window shopping works wonders...

From top to bottom:
Clemence Maxi Dress in lavender
Edith Dress in Blood Orange
Cecile dress in lavender
Bernstein maxi dress in peach

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  1. I samson girl, I am super desperate to buy the clemence dress for my school ball/formal, would you by any chance be willing to sell yours or know of anywhere I might still be able to purchase it?