Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sun, Sand, Saltwater and Swimwear Shots...The Positive Aliterations of Summer are Never Ending

Can you believe we're already more than halfway through Summer? I can't. Actually, to be more specific, I won't. I'm not yet ready to pull out my jeans and slip on a cardigan and shall remain in denial about Autumn's approach until about mid-April. So to aid in my self-induced ignorance, I decided to take a little road trip down to the beach and salute the sun in all of it's shiny glory with a few swimwear shots. I love these Seafolly Summer 2011 bathers...they're a little retro in shape, a dash of modern in colour and pattern and just the right amount of different so that I don't see five hundred people wearing the same bathers as me on the beach. Because, let's face it, that's always a bit awkward.

Make sure you catch as many rays as you can while the sun lasts and check out my next post for more fashion shots of my time at the beach. Man, I really do love Summer...and you know what they say about ignorance being bliss, right?

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  1. Wish we had some Sun... just slushy melted snow at the moment... I still find myself captured by your jlournalist reviews on life, coffee shops and simple life pleasures... keep it up girl!!!