Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pretty Shiny Things and Failed Resolutions

I'm not very good at New Year resolutions. Never have been, never will be. Drink less, excersize more, get more sleep, keep my room tidy. I always begin enthusiastically and with good intentions, but after two weeks or so the enthusiasm kind of wears off. So, when this year one of my resolutions was to purchase less jewellery (necklaces and earrings to be specific) I started in much the same way. I was going to be strong, resist temptation (unlike certain female biblical figures) and not give in to my lust for all things shiny...mmm shiny. But, alas, this resolution was short lived when I laid my eyes upon this baby.

I was calmly walking through the Vic Night Market when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the glint and glimmer of bronze and copper. Having been a magpie in a past life, and therefore naturally being attracted to such shimmery objects, I went to take a look (it's not my fault really, once a magpie, always a magpie). I was immediately taken with this incredible necklace from the brand JJ Artesania, a small family business that focuses on crafting jewellery representative of their ancestral heritage. Many of the designs feature traditional native South American forms and stones. In alignment to their ancestral heritage, copper is used as one of the main elements throughout the pieces (my necklace is made from copper bronze and lapis lazuli) and is a metal which is renowned for it's physical healing properties. The use of copper for medical purposes dates back to the ancient Mayans, with the legend saying that the metal is able to absorb all the negative energy from the body and create inner balance.

Really, I just bought the necklace coz it's pretty. And huge. But perhaps I can be forgiven for my weakness in keeping new year resolution (I did technically only last two days...) because this necklace will save me a fortune when I'm old and don't have to go to the doctor with osteoarthritis! That's pretty much what their telling me, right? So technically, this could potentially be the best and wisest purchase of the year for me, and only after two days. Good work Samson girl! And really, who wants to be stone cold sober, cleaning up their room with sore and aching muscles from excersizing everyday? Giving into temptation is always so much more fun...

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