Monday, 14 January 2013

A Weekend In The Countryside

A few days ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on a little jaunt through Victoria's countryside. Daylsford, to be more specific. There's always something nice about getting away from the city and filling one's lungs with that fresh un-smoggofied air...not that I don't love breathing in pollution and all. And despite the jokes that us Melbourne city slickers make about the countryside, as well as those we make about Canberra (sad excuse for a Capital City), Tasmania (married your cousin lately?) and Frankston (make sure you carry a knife, because everyone else is), there actually is quite a lot of nice things to do there.

We wandered around the beautiful gardens at Lavandular, a beautiful lavender farm with old historic houses on site, and breathed in the almost overpowering perfume of lavender. After marvelling at the wonderful fields of purple, we frequented the on-site cafe where we nibbled on lavender scones and sipped on lavender champagne and lemonade. It was all very ladylike, really.

There are some funky shops around the area too. One called Junk Style in the Main Street of Daylsford, which houses an eclectic array of...well, pretty much everything. And others, such as Sister George, run by two lesbians who hand make furry Russian-style hats, as well as novelty T-shirts and prints...mostly jokes to do with homosexuals. But after all, Daylsford is the Gay Capital of Victoria, right!

With everything from flavoured champagne and beautiful food (see prior post on my amazballs dinning experience at Annie Smithers) right through to witty lesbians, the Victorian countryside actually has a lot going for it. And I didn't even get a chance to go to one of Daylford's famouse spas...perhaps next time.

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