Friday, 25 January 2013

Flowers And Frocks At Werribee Mansion

A beautiful old mansion, rose gardens, fountains and blooming'd think I were talking about a Taylor Swift video clip, but don't be fooled, dear readers, as I assure you I have not taken up singing monotonous and predictable pop songs as a profession. What I have been up to is much more enjoyable...not that earning a small fortune and creating my own perfume wouldn't be fun and all. A few days ago I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Werribee Mansion and had the chance to explore its incredible gardens and really, there didn't seem like a more perfect opportunity to sneak in some fashion photography. Upon hearing about my mansion adventure to come I wracked my brains  and tried to mentally sort through my wardrobe (why do I still have those fluffy white ugg boots?) to come up with the perfect outfit to wear on such an occasion. Did I want something long, short, bright, dark, tight or loose? For the garden shots, I eventually decided on my old Year 12 formal dress of all things (see Mum, I told you I'd wear it again), which is from the Forever New Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Upon inspection it seemed the ideal choice for the Werribee Mansion Garden shoot (at least it seemed more appropriate than the ugg boots), with it's soft floating material, beautiful pastel colouring and soft floral pattern. I paired it with my nude Tony Bianco heels to keep things simple and chose some lightly coloured glass beaded earrings to add some necessary sparkle. For something a little more sleek (or Boss, if you will) for the billiard room photos, I opted for a simple black number that I purchased in Paris (I know, life is so hard) with a bronze statement necklace to add a focal point and some excitement to the outfit.

What I wore:
Dress: Forever New Spring/Summer 2011 collection
Heels: Tony Bianco
Earrings: Diva (don't judge, they were fifteen dollars-for the win!)

Dress: Maje
Necklace: JJ Artesania

So, while I may not be featured in one of Taylor Swift's videos anytime soon (or creating my own scent for that matter), I had a wonderful day exploring the amazing grounds at Werribee Mansion and all in all was happy with the photos we got....though maybe next time I should see if I can rock those ugg boots?

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