Thursday, 24 January 2013

Chill Out at The St Kilda Twilight Market

I'll be honest with you, I've spent quite some time now procrastinating on how to begin this post about another night market. I've drunk at least three cups of tea, gone to the bathroom four times and spent about 20 minutes mindlessly looking up cute cat videos on You Tube. But after watching the surprised kitty clip for the eleventh time around (my own personal viewing of this clip accounts for at least two thirds of its total views), I figured it was probably about time to make a start, because really, this market does deserve a place amongst my posts and is well worth a visit. The night market in question, I hear you ask? Well my friends, that would be the St Kilda Twilight Market. Yes, that's right, I wandered out of my CBD comfort zone last night and adventured into the wilds of St Kilda.

Situated on the Esplanade and running every Thursday night from 5 till 10 pm until the end of February, the St Kilda Twilight Market rests peacefully in the shadow of Australia's iconic Luna Park. I say peacefully, but really, there's nothing at all that peaceful about hearing the screams of the adrenaline high Scenic Railway passengers whizzing by you as you contemplate which soy candle to buy. However this market is so buzzing with the sounds of bongos, buskers, and spruikers, that really, what's a few screams amongst friends. The feeling of this market is one of ultimate chill and as you meander through the stalls, soaking up the smell of incense, the sound of sizzling steak on the Señor BBQs and those groovin bongos (that's right, I just said grovin…what of it?), you can't help but get caught up in the relaxed atmosphere of it all. Enjoy walking amongst stalls selling everything from vintage clothing by Winkie Vintage and jewellery made from coconuts to wooden herb boxes by Little Edible Eden. There are stalls selling feathered hair extensions, homemade candy, teas and beautiful handwoven necklaces sold by a guy with longer hair and more ear piercings than me.

What's that, all the incense smoke and sightings of dreadlocks is making you hungry? Well fear not, because at this market there is plenty on offer to fill your rumbling tum. With offerings from The Meatball Company, Señor BBQ, Vegelicious and Sherpa (selling authentic Himalayan street food of momos and chicken byriyani), there's sure to be something you'll like, so kick back on the lawn as you chow down. St Kildaens (as I have christened them) seem to be unaware of the laws against public drinking, so if you wish, make like the locals and grab yourself a six pack of coronas to enjoy on the sunny knoll as you watch the bongo players, jugglers and the rest of the world moving around you. When you're finished and feel as relaxed as a great big pile of jelly, take a walk along the beach, or else hit up some of the beach front pubs and bars…that is, if they'll let a pile of jelly into a bar.

There's something special about the St Kilda Twilight Market, as well as St Kilda's the blending of two Melbourne worlds: beach and city. So, with the summer sun setting over the roller coaster racing above you, a tummy full of street food and that kind of weird guy with a longneck dancing beside the bongos, remember the ultimate meaning of the St Kilda Twilight Market…chill out, it's summer.

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