Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beach, Bikinis and Bondi Market

Ahhh Bondi, filled with budgie smugglers, bikini-clad babes and, what felt like, billions of people. Though the beach is the main draw card for many, my interests lay in something a little more sartorially focused-the Bondi Market. That's right folks, even on holidays I'm still determined to conquer every market that gets thrown my way. So today we hopped on a bus (it should say somewhere in Sydney's brochures that Bondi Beach is not, I repeat NOT, close to the city center) and headed beachside for some market investigation. 

Open every Sunday the Bondi Market was established in 1993 and is located on the bustling beach front grounds of Bondi Beach Public School. Thankfully we saw no old dudes walking around in the afore mentioned 'smugglers de la budgie', but instead found a fantastic array of original designer clothing, hand-crafted jewellery, accessories, arts, crafts and vintage clothes. There were many stalls selling beautiful beachy maxi dresses, colourful rompers and lacy high waisted shorts. The jewellery (as usual) was one of my favourite aspects of the market, with many fine sterling silver rings, large copper necklaces and delicately woven pieces which incorporated semi-precious stones. Though I was sweating more than a beached Humpback under the hot NSW sun, the vibe of the market was fun and energetic, welcoming new designers into the mix along with veteran stall holders.

After the markets we could hardly withstand the call of the beach and fought our way through the throngs of people to dive into one of Sydney's greatest landmarks. I'm preeeeety sure we were there with at least half of Sydney, battling it out for a prime spot on the sand. After admiring local designers at the market and soaking up the sun and exotic atmosphere of Bondi, I gotta say (and as a Melburnian I find this exceptionally difficult to admit), Sydney's growing on me. But if you tell anyone I said that I'll deny it!

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