Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Bikini Bliss

Buying a new bikini each season can be about as pleasant as having teeth pulled. Without anaesthetic. While Rebecca Black's 'Friday' plays on repeat on the background.  What with all the awkward ducking between change rooms half naked so you can get your friend's opinion, full length mirrors in bad lighting and sales assistants telling you you'll "grow into" the bikini top (I'm 20, so this would be very wishful thinking) makes the whole situation, well, a bit shit really. However this year I had a rather unusual experience when it came to my annual bather was actually blissfully easy. 

I stumbled upon this pair of bikinis at Cotton On (I know, I was just as surprised as you) which this Summer is featuring a collection of bathers designed by Australian Model Lara Bingle. Fulfilling my desire for a basic pattern in pretty blues, these bathers were cheap and fitted like a glove, which meant I was in and out of those change rooms before a sales assistant could even pass judgement! Day two of my Port Douglas holiday and I decided to take my new bathers for a, err, swim.

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