Thursday, 29 August 2013

MANIAMANIA Mesopotamia

When some people (namely would-be archeologists) think of the word Babylon, they may think of what was once the holiest city in Mesopotamia which now lays in ruins somewhere in the wild of Iraq (thanks Wikipedia). And others, they may just think of Indiana Jones wearing a dorky hat wrestling a boa constrictor. Me on the other hand, I have other ideas when I hear the word 'Babylon'.

Aaaaand cue Maniamania's latest collection, so fittingly entitled Babylon. If you haven't heard of the Australian jewellery label then nows the time to jump on its already crowded band-wagon (seriously, don't worry about a ticket, even the Mesopotamians hate Myki). Launched in 2009 by designers Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, Maniamania has gone from strength to strength, receiving notable coverage in the likes of Vogue, Ruush, W Magazine and the New York Times. The moody, beautiful jewellery has a captivating quality that can only be seen as original design at its finest. With the release of their most recent collection I'm having to practice some serious self-restraint...which, despite my efforts, usually lasts all of five minutes. Babylon has struck an interesting niche between costume and fine jewellery, utilising silver, brass, crystal and soft suede elements to form unique sculptural creations. The collection has an exotic mysticism about it, making the wearer feel as though they should be walking through an ancient mesopotamian city (this may be accompanied by images of a hotter and younger version of Indiana Jones who happens to look as though he just stepped out of a Calvin Klein add...but I guess it depends on how much freedom you give your imagination). Each piece has a story to tell, a symbolic meaning, that make them feel alive and powerful to wear.
Sure, a jewellery collection may be less appealing to those archeologist-types who, for some ungodly reason, seem to enjoy dusting dirt of old pottery all day while wearing cargo pants, but me? I'd have Maniamania's version of Babylon any day! Oh, and i'll have the hot Indiana Jones too thanks.

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