Friday, 2 August 2013

A Melbourne Shop Fit For A Wannabe Ballerina

We all do stupid stuff sometimes. These may include (though are not limited to) things like tripping up stairs, reading the Herald Sun, or accidentally melting your microwave because you turned it on without anything inside. Or, like me, you could do the stupid thing of trying on a beautiful dress that you know costs the same as a Bali holiday....or half your uni degree. But when I saw the eye-catching shopfront of Anaessia, located on Little Lonsdale Street, I could hardly resist. With perfectly pretty dresses displayed behind the shopfront's shiny glass, I was a mere porn in a game of sartorial chess. And I really suck at chess.

The shop immediately caught my eye on a drab, cloudy Melbourne day, as it stood out like a shiny beacon among all the black and grey of the passing pedestrians. Exquisite princess-like tutus rotate tantalisingly in the window and the soft glow from chandeliers draped in coloured silks creates a warm and inviting ambiance. At some stage in her life, every girl (and perhaps boy-hey, I don't judge) has dreamed of being a ballerina, and this really is the place to have that dream come true. Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag, but even just walking through the shop and admiring the lace gowns is enough to make you feel as though you're on the set of Swan Lake.

Established in 2005, the Australian label is all about delicate craftsmanship that incorporates perfectly tailored, highly shaped pieces using the finest vintage fabric sourced from around the globe. You'll find tutus covered in taffeta and tulle, floor-skimming gowns draped in detailed lace and pretty silk ribbons adorning flattering necklines. Each of the unique, hand-made pieces exudes femininity, capturing elegance and glamour as well as a vintage, etherial romanticism. You won't find  the scoff-worthy words 'one size fits all' (seriously, when does that ever apply...except in the case of scarves?) uttered here. Instead, you will receive complimentary alterations with your purchase, because these guys get that you're just as individual as the dress you're trying on. There's something nice about being fussed over when trying on a dress that can be tailored to your every many textured skirts would you like under your dress? How high do you want the neckline? Would you prefer the dress in cream or white?

How do I know these questions, you ask? Because I stupidly tried on a dress. And now I can't stop thinking about the beautiful cascades of tulle, exquisite lace detail and hand-stiched sequins. I guess I might not ever be able to afford a dress from Anaessia (unless I sell my kidney on the black market), but you what, i'm glad that I had this moment of stupidity. Because for just one second I got to feel like a ballerina. Now, does anyone know where I can get a cheap microwave? 

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  1. I LOVE Anaessia!! So in love and the shop is magical! xx