Saturday, 27 July 2013

Off The Cuff

Some people may call my addiction to Samantha Wills jewellery a little odd. They might claim that the way I stare at her pieces in shops is a touch obsessive and they could even speculate that the way I spend countless hours trawling through her website while drool gathers around my feet is, well, just kind of creepy. But really who can blame me? For years now I have had a one-sided, slightly stalker-ish love affair with Samantha Wills' pieces, so when I received my very own SW cuff, I won't lie, tears of joy occurred...followed promptly by much drool.

The problem is, I cherish this beautiful creation so much that I haven't actually found the perfect occasion to wear it to yet, and so it has been laying in wait, perfectly positioned in it's pretty box. I think an occasion must earn the honour of such a bracelet, but unfortunately people don't seem to be inviting me to many Bohemian Moroccan Night balls filled with bedouin tents and hummus....seriously, what's with that? So today I decided to finally bite the bullet and get some photos of my new cuff, hummus or no hummus!

Australian-born Samantha Wills has been producing her bold, bohemian-styled jewellery since 2004 and has been creating waves in the fashion industry ever since. Now living in New York, she has been labelled as "Australia's biggest export since Vegemite...but I'm pretty sure i'd rather cover my body in SW jewellery instead of Vegemite. Wills' beautiful, exotic pieces are inspired predominately through her travels and each one has a laid back bohemian-feel that is echoed through the use of turquoise, large stones and detailed engravings. Basically, put on one of her pieces and you will feel as though you're aptly dressed to march through the markets of Marrakech, or idle down Indian streets. Her Spring/Summer collection, filled with statement stones of sunset burgundies and tantalising turquoise, is now available and-once again-it's got me all blushing and flustered.

So finally, I can happily say that  have road-tested (or wear-tested) my favourite new piece of jewellery...there may not have been any hummus, and maybe a camel or two would have been nice, but  I truly think the beauty of the piece speaks for itself. 

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