Sunday, 7 July 2013

Great Gatsby Fashion

Sometimes, when a new trend enters our little world of pop-culture, things can do I  put it...a little crazy. And when I say crazy, I don't just mean your creepy old neighbour who talks to himself kind of crazy, i'm talking about the full blown craziness that can only be experienced at Myer on Boxing Day. Perhaps the most obvious recent influence on all things fashion, film and yes, even food related, has been the screening of The Great Gatsby. Now, if you haven't A) read the book B) seen the movie or (more shockingly) C) even heard of this cultural phenomenon that's pretty much achieved world wide domination then hang your head in shame. Do it!*

To better describe the extreme way in which Gatsby has influenced the fashion world I have come up with a new word: Gashion. Genius.  The trend slowly began creeping its way into our wardrobes when chain stores began introducing large chandelier earrings, sequinned shift dresses and lacy headbands onto their shelves. Then, before we knew it, BAM! girls were walking down Swanston Street wearing flapper dresses and men were heavily smoking indoors again...ok, maybe not that last part. So, when I recently attended a Gold Class session of The Great Gatsby (it sounds swankier than it was...I somehow managed to grind choc-top into my dress and got popcorn stuck in my hair) I decided to honour some of the beautiful comebacks of 20's fashion that the film has brought us and donned my best sequinned dress and vintage Mary-Janes for the occasion. True Gashion at its finest!

What I Wore
Dress: Sportsgirl
Earrings: H&M
Fur Stole: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage heels from Amsterdam
Stockings: Voodoo

And if there's a more appropriate way to end a Gatsby-inspired night than with ridiculously oversized bottles of Moet and chandon, I haven't found it yet!

*Do it!

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