Monday, 3 June 2013

The Unexpected JUNKEE Party

When I received and email inviting me to the JUNKEE launch party I wasn't quite sure what to think. Had my email been mysteriously hacked by a drug mule? Or perhaps someone had confused me with their friendly neighborhood rubbish collector? Given the somewhat shady-sounding nature of the event,   I wasn't surprised when we were directed down a suspicious looking lane way upon arrival. I was however, (happily) surprised when I turned the corner and was greeting by a massive warehouse party. Awesome.
 Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to the JUNKEE launch party. JUNKEE is Australia's newest pop culture website with a difference. The new website goes beyond celebrity gossip and  bloody Biber fever, to bring online viewers material that is intriguing, provocative and witty. Written by a team of Australian writers and industry insiders, including authors, poets, comedians and editors, that cover everything from music and culture to important stuff like politics and world events. There's no doubt these guys really 'get' pop culture and you can tell that they embrace our constantly shifting changing media world. Reader interaction is completely encouraged, so if you want to complement, comment or hell, just have an angry disagreement with an author, go nuts! This website really is your oyster...
If there's one thing the JUNKEE crew have learnt from pop-culture, it's how to throw a killer party. Located in the rear warehouse of Thousand Pound Bend on Little Lonsdale street, this launch was most definitely a spectacle. I felt like some VIP walking up the red carpet, to be accepted into a giant cavernous space complete with DJ, Photo Booth and yes, an open bar. Free flowing Miller's beer and Rekorderlig kept the hoards of hipsters adequately quenched so they could continue their discussions about favourite existential philosophers and how they're boycotting Luhrmann's Great Gatsby because "it will ruin Fitzgerald's vision". Ahh hipsters...where would unknown warehouse launch parties held by pop-culture websites be without you? The space was buzzing, kept alive by cool beats and the entertainment of the photo booth complete with giant cut out celebrities. Ever seen a crowd surfing cardboard Kim Kardashian? No? Then you clearly weren't at the JUNKEE launch party.

If you did miss out, don't freak. Just jump online to catch up with what's going on, whether you're interested in culture, politics or just want a bit of a chuckle. Given how cool the party was I think i'm going to be much more forthcoming when I receive surreptitious emails from now on...even if they are sent by drug mules.

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