Friday, 14 June 2013

Winter Nail Art

Really, what could brighten a dreary rainy day more than a good dose of Winter-inspired nail art. Oh wait, that's right, FREE Winter-inspired nail art! This is not a drill people, I repeat, this is not a drill! But how and where does this most magical of events occur, you ask? Why, at the newly erected Hotham Head Quarters in Melbourne's QV of course.
Until Sunday the 30th of June a Winter Lodge of sorts (fully equipped with fireplace, ski gear and antler-inspired chandelier) has been set up in the heart of Melbourne to offer a little Winter warmth into what can otherwise be described as...well, a pretty drab season really. Filled with snowy charm and appeal Hotham HQ is a warm cosy space where you can snuggle up and get out of the cold. With events including fashion shows, yoga, massages and chocolate tastings provided by San Churro, there's something for everyone at this little slice of Winter Wonderland. What caught my eye was the nail painting hosted by Goddess of Nails & Beauty that happens each Saturday and Sunday between 11 and 12. Choose from a range of O.P.I.'s newest collection before having your nails filed, shaped and painted as you sit back and enjoy the roaring fireplace. Then select a feature Winter-inspired nail art design (think snowflakes and sparkles) and before you know if you'll be craving eggnog and humming Christmas tunes faster than you can say Deck The Halls. And the best part about it all? There's no need to make an appointment and it's absolutely free! Thats right, zilch, nada, zero, gratis, costless, zippo...ok, i'll stop. I don't know about you guys, but nothing brightens the prospects of a dull Winter Saturday for me than cool free shit. Get around it Melbourne!

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