Sunday, 9 February 2014

Come Out and Playsuit

You may have noticed the new trend that has surreptitiously snuck its way into our stores and our wardrobes over the past six months. It seems that the forever classic Little Black Dress (or LBD to some) has been given a shake up and been transformed into, gasp, the Little Black Playsuit! In fact, they're not just appearing in black, but are popping up in all colours, prints and fabrics. It seems like any time I pull a dress off a clothing rack these days it turns out to be sneakily attached to a hidden pair of shorts. Originally, I was horrified that my forever and only best friend the LBD had been so easily replaced, but then I began to appreciate the playsuit in all of its practical and playful glory - after all, the LBD will never die, but a little bit of fashionable updating from season to season never hurt anyone, right?

So, when I recently pulled what I thought was a beautiful little black Cameo dress of the shelf (psych, it was a playsuit!), I decided that instead of giving a heavy sigh and returning it, I'd bite the bullet and try it on. Much to my delight, I loved it! I was amazed that a playsuit could look so formal and have discovered that it works perfectly for any evening occasion. Chunky jewellery and dark eye make-up intensify the look, but it works just as well with nice summer sandals, bright nail polish and minimalist jewellery. For me, the LBD will never die, but I can definitely embrace the LBP this summer.

What I wore:
Playsuit: Cameo
Necklace: Zara
Shoes: Target


  1. hi pretty, so cool your jumpsuit

  2. You look so chic. I absolutely love this play suit. I get why it is a must-have.