Saturday, 16 November 2013

Chasing Skirt

As a someone who has a particular interest in fashion I'm supposed to love Winter Style with all it's layering, knee high boots and sharp tailoring. But to be honest with you, there's almost nothing I hate more than pulling on jeans so tight my bladder feels like it might explode (a pleasant sight for no one), strangling myself with a scarf and dragging on layer upon layer of jackets until I waddle out of the house looking like the Michelin Man. Which is why I love warm weather dressing. I can roll out of bed, not brush my hair and call it the 'beach wave' look, pull on a floaty Summer frock and a pretty pair of heels and finito! No hassle, no fuss and best of all, no exploding bladder.

When considering my Summer shopping list each year, skirts are almost always at the very top. Whether high waisted, floor length, mini or arse-huggingly tight, Iv'e found that a good skirt or two (or seven) help mix up simple basics that I keep on a high rotation and manage to keep me cool on those 39 degree days. Two skirts caught my eye early this season, which of course meant that I had to buy them (no seriously, I had no control over the situation) and I have to say that so far they've done my wardrobe proud. The first is this cute little skater skirt from Pare. It's navy colour makes it more interesting than black but means I can still wear it with any colour on top and the chord-like material makes it perfect for Winter when paired with stockings. The second is from Miss Selfridge (one of my new favourite labels stocked at Glue) and ticks the 'pencil skirt' category on my Summer shopping list. I fell in love with the maroon shade and the simple paisley pattern that adds the perfect amount of detail to the simple shape. I don't care what people say about paisley, it's totally rad.
Despite Melbourne's weather not getting the memo about it being mid-November, I have still found these skirts a worthy addition to my wardrobe and believe we will share a very happy Summer together. So say goodbye to bulky blazers, hair-hating beanies and super tight jeans and invest in some easy breezy skirts to see you through the warm weather. Trust me, your bladder will thank you.

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  1. Cutie! Can't decide which I love more, possibly the navy though.