Monday, 16 September 2013

The Blackbird Market and Blue Skies

Yup, it's that time of year again; when the sun rises before 8am and all you can think about is Friday night knock-off drinks on a rooftop and a weekend spent at the beach. And along with the rising mercury comes the rise of the markets once again. That's right folks, have your reusable tote bags and oversized boho glasses at the ready, it's time to get your market on!
I chose to celebrate this happiest of coming seasons with a little market iv'e had my eye on for quite some time-The Blackbird Market. Nesting in the grungy Cape Lounge on the corner of Johnstone and Brunswick Street, this was the perfect way for me to find my market legs after their Winter Hibernation. The Blackbird Market is a curated monthly event which showcases new, up and coming talent in curated design, handmade jewellery, fashion and accessories. While it may be small, this indoor market boasts a nest-full of Fitzroy attitude being a hub for all things creative and fashionable.There were racks of re-fashioned vintage-style dresses, pop-up nail art from Critter Claws and multiple stalls stocked with a variety of sparkly jewellery to catch the attention of even the pickiest of Blackbirds. Mmm...shiny things. My most favourite stall present was Honey & Vinegar, featuring beautiful handmade jewellery including dainty paper cranes sitting in miniature glass bottles and perfect-for-Spring flower crowns. Other jewellery stalls that tickled my fancy were Lovely Sparrow & Co., offering sweet earrings and quirky bracelets and Ruby Louise which produces simple and classic pieces.
 So, if you're looking for a way to stretch those Winter weary limbs and welcome in the sunny weather, look no further than the beckoning call of Melbourne's markets. I left The Blackbird Market with a spring in my step and thoughts of Summer filling my head...and perhaps a few sparkly things to fill my own Blackbird nest.

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