Monday, 11 March 2013

The Little Black Dress in all It's Glory

Nothing beats a traditional Little Black Dress. Really, nothing. It can be tailored for work, play and everything that comes in-between; this could mean it accompany you to brunch with your mother in law (because let's face it, this experience doesn't really fall under the 'play category'), or perhaps you require an all black outfit for a covert bank robbery heist. Or something like that anyway. We all have at least one of these babies kicking around in our wardrobe and an event on the Cultural Program of this years Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, shows us exactly how versatile the LBD can really be.

Cheryl Lin, the street style photographer and stylist for, has put together an exhibition entitled the Little Black Dress Project, which demonstrates how everyone's number one wardrobe staple can be worn in 52 different ways. Displaying dresses from different up and coming Australian designers, the free exhibition will run for the duration of the festival, from the 1st to the 31st of March, at level 2 Link Bridge in Melbourne Central. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the press pre-viewing of the designs and get some great shots of some incredible pieces. Each one was completely original and unique, showcasing some amazing new Australian talent.

So, to give the LBD the respect that it deserves, check out this exhibition while it never know, you may just find the perfect little black dress for your next covert bank robbery heist. 

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  1. Wow, love them, they're all so gorgeous! Especially the maxi with the gold detailing, stunning.