Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fashion Rules Were Made to be Broken

Despite fashion's tendency to be continually merging and morphing, there always seem to be certain rules that govern what we should and shouldn't wear. You know the ones I mean: your shoes, bag and belt must always match, never wear white after Labor Day (don't even ask me where that one came from), and, perhaps most commonly, black and navy should never be worn together. Now, I don't know who made these so-called 'rules', but I feel it's high time to take a stand against such fashion fun-killers.

So, to really stick it to the haters, I came up with an ensemble that broke every single one of the above rules. Black and navy happens to be one of my very favourite combinations, especially during the colder months. It's a chic, modern combination that adds a touch of colour to an otherwise drab wintertime wardrobe...because lets face it, no matter how stylish black is no one wants to look like an emo for three months of the year. My other fashion cardinal sin is teaming a pale brown belt with my knee-high black boots - shock horror! And finally, the appearance of white, which apparently brings shame upon my outfit. Despite all these fashion 'faux pars' however, Iv'e created quite a wonderfully and effortlessly chic outfit...I do believe they call that a style hat-trick.

So break a few rules, ignore the haters and have fun with your fashion!

What I Wore
Tunic: op-shop
Skirt: Myer
Cardigan: Dotti
Boots: Lipstick
Rings: Samantha Wills, Topshop


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