Sunday, 29 June 2014

Knee-Highs for Winter? Absobootly!

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of Winter. I hate the cold, I resent being cooped up inside when there's a whole city to explore and I detest feeling like the Michelin Man when I'm layered up in jackets. As far as I can tell, some of the only benefits of Winter are toasted sandwiches, hot cider and, on the more sartorial side of things, knee-high boots. Each year, when the wind picks up and clouds have the nerve to cover my sun, the only thing that keeps me going through the chill is the knowledge that it's time to purchase another pair of trusty knee-highs. And this year was no exception.

I relish the task of finding the perfect pair of boots to see me through the season and have a firm list of criteria to which they must adhere. They must be a) comfortable b) sturdy c) not gape around my thighs (lets be honest, no one likes gape) and d) are a price that means I don't have to sell my liver on the black market...because I'm rather attached to my liver, thank you very much.

Much to my delight I stumbled upon this perfect pair from Lipstick, which just so happen to tick all my boxes. They're super comfy, a little bit roomy (so there's space for geeky thermal socks), the perfect hight and perhaps best of all, they were on sale! I always love me some sale.

So you know what, as long as I have my new knee-high friends, then this Winter might not be so bad after all. Add a cheese toasty and warm cider and it could even be good!

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