Monday, 11 February 2013

Lady Petrova Loving. You Know You Need It.

Recently I undertook an exceptionally unnecessary, though very fulfilling, shopping expedition, and whilst browsing through racks of jackets and sorting through stacks of skirts, I was struck by a particular thought. This thought, you ask? That maybe, somewhere along the way, we've actually forgotten how to enjoy the act of shopping itself. Perhaps in our fast and modern day world, where our lives are dictated by technology and episodes of The Voice, we have forgotten that the act of shopping can indeed be quite a beautiful thing. To glide through a shop, admiring the works of designers, chatting to friendly and helpful staff and trying on garments to our hearts content is the ideal situation, but it's just not really done these days. Instead we find ourselves rushed through shops that have club music blaring, packed fitting rooms and and strobe lights that make you feel like you're about to have a stroke. Amongst all this retail mayhem, I have managed to find a breath of fresh air in the little Melbourne boutique, Lady Petrova. I feel that a trip to this shop will cure you of any shopping induced phobia (including twitching, fainting and deafness) which may have occurred through other recent shopping experiences.*

Located in a wee little space at 237 Flinders Lane, you feel at ease as soon as you enter Lady Petrova. With racks filled with draping silks, pastel tulle dresses, pretty bows and sequins, you really do feel as though you've walked into an Alice in Wonderland tea party...or perhaps a unicorns birthday party. I immediately felt welcomed at this cute little shop (seriously though. I was offered rose marshmallows and vanilla cupcakes from a tea stand), with the designer herself, Petrova Hammond, often behind the desk and perfectly willing to give you a hand. She has undertaken an impressive catalogue of styling, fashion buying, costume designing, pattern making, and was even a finalist on Project Runway Australia in 2008. There is such whimsy, fantasy and femininity within all of Petrova's pieces, as she opts to work with soft delicate fabrics and favours a pastel-based palate, with hues of blues, pinks, cream and purple. Many of her dresses are special occasion if you do happen to have an invitation to a unicorn's birthday party, then I suggest you purchase your frock here. You can still catch her Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Runaway Valley, in store now (she will soon be releasing her Autumn/Winter designs) as well as pieces from other Australian designers, such as Little Gracie (I may have indulged in a purchase from this particular designer, but more on that coming soon!). There are also a range of colourful and delicate floral headbands, pretty nail polishes and Petrova's recently released jewellery line, featuring gorgeous lockets and stone necklaces. Just in case you didn't have enough of a reason to spend your money there already.

So if you've been hating on retail of late and need a break from all that harsh fluorescent lighting and Lady Gaga on repeat, then Lady P is the perfect medicine. Your spoonful of sugar, if you will. Sure, not all of her pieces can be worn in an everyday situation, but really, when a dress makes you feel like a princess, who cares. And you never day soon you may indeed receive an invitation to a unicorn's birthday. 
*Not a legally binding statement. If conditions persist it is necessary to seek medical advice.

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