Monday, 4 February 2013

In It's Own League With Honestly Good Coffee

Upon first entering The League of Honest Coffee at three o'clock, you will immediately realise how popular this city cafe, located on Exploration Lane, really is. Think of it as not just a cafe, but rather, a cafe on crack. Or perhaps too much caffeine from it's single origin filter coffees. There's no denying that this place has indeed struck the right note with business people, coffee nerds and hipsters alike...isn't it nice how coffee brings everyone together.

It really is all about the coffee here, which becomes highly apparent when you take in the large blackboard of single origin beans, available in Chemex, Clover or Syphon. The standard house blend is the Padre Blend, also used at Padre Coffee and The Brunswick East project, which is rich and full bodied with notes of malt, toffee, almond and cacao.  If, for some unknown reason (or perhaps if you were dropped on your head as a small child, in which case I apologise) the sweet siren call of the coffee here doesn't tempt you, they also do a great chai latte (don't judge) using Phoenix Organic spiced chai and a wicked Mofo hot chocolate. That's the brand Mofo...but chances are that when you take a sip you may exclaim, 'what a great mother f**king hot chocolate!' If it's a breakfast with 'the lot' that your after than League probably isn't what you're looking for and, let's be honest, why would you take up space in your stomach for food when you can fill up on multiple coffees instead! Sure, you might feel a little skittish after your third and heart palpitations can be expected when approaching your ninth, but all good things come at a price, right? If you do fancy a little nibble, there are delicious Noisette pastries available as well as a small quesadilla menu, featuring combos like smoked chicken or tuna and corn.

The space at League of Honest coffee seems almost luxurious compared with it's other city cafe competitors, where you often find yourself asking whose elbow is in your piccolo and why you can see each individual whisker on that guys poorly shaven face. This corner space is instead bright, open and spacious, allowing you to watch the pair of custom Slayer machines glimmering in the afternoon sunlight. The slayer machine is the ultimate Coffee Nerd's wet dream, and at League this impeccably maintained duo work in overtime to satisfy the office take-away crowd. Just to clarify, I don't have wet dreams about coffee machines. Really.

With it's comfortable space and brilliant coffee, there's really not all that much holding back this champion of a cafe. You'll feel good just chilling out here and if your body doesn't thank you when you're sipping on your eighteenth coffee, then your tastebuds definitely will. In the league of good coffee every time...Honestly.

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  1. Need to check this place out - don't get into the city that much but it's always good to know where the good coffee is hiding!
    Cheers! Lou @ The Honesty Path