Friday, 8 February 2013

A Market For The People

Here in Melbourne we love doing things a little bit differently. So when we say Summer Market, we don't just mean aisles of stalls, corn on the cob and bad country music from the local band of middle-aged men having a mid life crisis. Oh no, we want something a little more...well, fundamentally Melbourne than that. So, on a warm and balmy Thursday evening, I made my way to the wilds of Collingwood to check out a market that's motto is 'bringing you everything but the kitchen sink'. And you know what...I think I even saw one of those there.

Lo and behold my Friends, The People's Market. This bad boy has been up and running since December 1st and will be carrying on unit April 28th, so relax your sacks because there's plenty of time to make it down to Collingwood Town. As soon as you walk into the People's Market you feel this sense of fun loving, free spirited community. There's astroturf with deck chairs so you can be extra comfy as you sip on your cider and live music or a Dj pumping out tunes most nights for you to get your groove on. I really wasn't kidding when I said this market has something for everyone. For the foodies The PM has you covered with it's food stalls like The Waffle Club (mmm waffles), Paperboy (serving up Vietnamese street food), South Soul Food (for those less meat inclined and more tofu-swayed) The Melt Shop (to fulfil all your toasted sandwich cravings) and Dona Tona (selling Mexican street food), where there's corn available, though not the charred 'cob situation' that you might expect. For those hot summer nights when only a cold beer or cider will suffice, there's an on site bar which will happily attend to your drinking needs. And make sure you're there for 'Peachy Hour''s like Happy Hour but People Market-style, where you can pick up 3 dollar pots of beer or Old Mount Cider every Thursday and Friday, 5 till 7pm.

What's that? You don't drink and your not hungry? Well, apart from the fact that there's something psychologically very wrong with you, never fear because the People's Market still has plenty to offer! If you're more retail inclined (guilty) then you'll enjoy the pop up retail shops like Skinny Nelson, TheSuperCool, The Melbourne Paper pop up and T-World, all set up in large shipping containers. And don't miss out on the themed Saturday side Market, from 10am to 4pm, where you can check out more retailers. On February 16th you can expect a Valentines-themed market for all of your lovin' needs and on the following Saturday the Side Market goes green in partnership with the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival. If, perhaps, you would describe yourself as, shall we say, artsy fartsy (ok, I don't actually think anyone would describe themselves as 'artsy fartsy', but you get me), then you'll love COMA. This is short for Containers of Modern Art, where local up and coming artists can display their works in shipping containers on the make-shift second level of the market. You'll see all kinds of inspiring creations, from colourful murals and graffiti to detailed sketches and black and white photography. The people's Market has also just recently opened it's doors on Wednesday evenings from 5 till 10, so that you can enjoy its Workshop Series. On these nights you can learn about Cupcake Decorating, participate in Tapas 101 and even improve your knowledge on Urban know, all the important stuff.

There's so much generosity and goodwill to be found at The People's Market. It really is a place that will give you what you need without asking for anything in return. I promise that with all of it's music, food, art, retail, drinks and random awesome workshops, you'll leave here with a full stomach, mind and soul. So check out the program for February at, so you don't miss a single Saturday Side Market, Yoga Class, 'wine tasting for beginners' workshop or Peachy Hour. Oh, and there's also a table tennis know, just in case you had the urge.

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