Friday, 28 December 2012


I realize that most of you are probably still recovering from hypoglycemic shock after Christmas from ingesting your own body weight in chocolate and candy canes, but I personally feel that there's always a teeny bit more space for some extra sugar. And that's why I'm going to tell you about a sweet little cafe on Lygon Street, East Brunswick, called Sugardough. You can either love me or hate me for it...actually, after you go you'll probably just love me.

As soon as you enter Sugardough you feel as though you've walked into your own Grandmother's living room...without that weird old person smell. This place has a quaint and cosy atmosphere, with cute frames hanging from the walls and pretty mismatching china, that makes you feel immediately at home.There's a simple breakfast menu, with items such as sourdough toast with smashed avocado, fetta and lemon, fruit toast with ricotta and berry compote or eggs with a small range of sides. For a more lunch orientated ordeal you can select from a cabinet of filled baguettes (I have to say, even though it was nine in the morning when I went, I kinda wanted one of the baguettes just because they looked so good. Rest assured, I shall return. Oh yes), or a range of tarts, soups and quiches.

But the thing that really gets your gut rumbling at Sugardough (as the name suggests) is the sweet stuff. They don't exactly make your choice easy either. Do you go for the nutella filled bomboloni? The walnut muesli slice? The escargot? For the love of God, how does one decide?! After about forty minutes of procrastination however, I finally did. I went for the brioche filled with custard and chocolate chips and my companions opted for an incredably rich (we're talking Bill Gates) chocolate brownie and a pistacchio biscotti (I felt that the choice of biscotti was somewhat weak. It was nice and all...but who chooses a tiny biscuit when there're custard filled cakes available. Really, poor form). The cakes were delicious, as one would expect when the main ingredients are cream, butter, sugar and chocolate.

Sugardough is a place that does simplicity oh so well and whole heartedly believes that the equation sugar+dough=deliciousness. So, if you feel as though you can handle it after you finally give birth to your Christmas Food Baby, call in and check it out. Sure, you probably don't need to eat more cake...actually, that's a lie. Cake should most definitely be consumed for your personal health and well being. For the good of all humanity, really.

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