Monday, 10 December 2012

No False Advirtising in Sight When It Comes to Melbourne's Big Design Market

You know what I hate more than anything (Except bad hair days and Myki)? False advertising. When something says it's going to one thing and it turns out to be completely different. I hate it when a sign claims you get 20% off but neglects to tell you this only occurs when you spend a thousand dollars, or when I'm forced to spend hours reading through fine print that's going to make me blind to ensure I'm not selling my soul when buying a new iPhone...just give me what you said you'd give me! And a 'fun sized' mars bar that's actually teeny tiny and no fun at all...what's with that?!* So, with my pet hate in mind, I approached the Big Design Market, held in Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Center in Carlton, with some trepidation. I couldn't be sure how 'big' we talking here and I didn't want to get my hopes up. Had they measured the market in hectares or acres? Was its largeness measured by certified measurers who had undergone serious training in the art of measurement? When I arrived however, my fears were forgotten as I lay my eyes upon the, indeed, 'big' market.

 There were hoards of stalls selling objects from fine furniture and jewellery to knitwear and stationary. Many of the usual suspects were there; Emily Green, Otto and Spike, Able and Game. Though I was most pleased to stumble upon many designers I'd never heard of before! Some of these included Angus&Celeste who design intricate porcelain plant hangers, a brand called Sweet William that delivers fine art (and seriously cute) prints and paper goods and fine wooden objects maker, John Quan, of the brand Mono. My absolute favies were jewellery (typical) brands Banjara Jewellery, who creates gorgeous BoHo pieces and Stannard-inc. I pretty much lost my marbles when I walked past this stall because I wanted EVERYTHING. With incredible copper, boss-as jewellery, it was pretty much impossible for me not to spend money!

The crazy and colourful Emily Green stall

Pretty as a picture prints by Sweet William

Adorable ceramic animals

My new favourite nail colours from Kester Black

So I left the Big Design Market with my bag a little heavier, my wallet a little lighter and my inner self happy at not being hoodwinked by that cursed false advertising. Look, I'm not saying that it's the size matters all that much (except when it comes to mars bars)...I just want what I was promised. Is that too much to ask?
*Terms and Conditions: After reading this blog you have agreed to destroy, for the greater good of all Melbourne-Kind, all Myki machines that you encounter. Fun Size Mars bars can, however, be left to fight another day.

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