Saturday, 1 December 2012

Federation Squares Melbourne Design Market...approved by felt wearers everywhere

Ah yes, it's that time again in old Melbourne town, when design markets of all shapes and sizes seem to appear on every street corner and draw hoards of hipsters, designers and general 'artsy folk' (like the funky middle aged women who wear felted scarves, you know the ones I mean) into their midsts. Melbournian's seem attracted to these markets like a fat kid to chocolate cake, a Kardashian to a stiletto, a metro to low cut fluro tanks if you will...ok, I think you get the idea. So on such a beautiful sunny afternoon I could hardy pass up the opportunity to head to the Melbourne Design Market, held in the Fed Square car park, to see who was spruiking their wares.

It's a pretty cool space for a market, I'll admit, and it manages to hold all of the stalls comfortably. Filled with jewellery, cards, home wares, hanging plants and just generally cool stuff that, you know, you don't actually need but must have, there's something to be found for everyone in this funky undercover marketplace. There were the usual suspects such as well known stationary and card creators, Able and Game (I won't lie, I'm a pretty hard core stationary fiend...just try watch me walk past Kikki K), and jewellery label '&O', by designer Yumi Ando, who creates beautiful organic ceramic pieces. There were also some new faces like glasses makers, Baily Nelson (who open up their new store in Prahran this Tuesday), jewellery label elenii and some pretty awesome shoes by the label &Attorney. One of my particular favourites was jewellery label Schm├╝cker, who had created a beautiful necklace covered in little silver 3D cubes. If one, hypothetically speaking, were to feel a smidge peckish there were also mini burgers, prawn salads and coffees available for that necessary caffeinated shopping hit...and if none of the above tickle your fancy there's always the infamous Taco Truck parked upstairs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort the good markets from the, erm, not so good, but if you're looking for something where it's almost a guarantee that you'll find something you love then try out the Melbourne Design Market next time round. You know it's good if the women in felted scarves are there...and seriously, I counted, like, five.

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