Sunday, 2 December 2012

And So This Is Christmas...

Oh yes Melbourne, it's that time of year again. The time when shopping centers keep their doors open until 10 pm, when you see kinda creepy old men dressed up as Santa Clause posing with beaming children perched upon their lap and when poor innocent souls have to lug kilos of Christmas presents through the city when it's approximately 146 degrees. Brace yourselves, It's Christmas. The time oft referred to as the silly season. But though queues in MYER become longer, car parks are always full and there are so many people in the city you can practically feel yourself breathing in someone else's perspiration (ew), there's something wonderful hovering in the air. The promise of family, gorging yourself on prawns and pudding, presents and, of course, parties.

So with this in mind, I felt it highly important, nay, a necessity, to purchase myself a perfect party piece to see me through this cray cray time (thank you Jay-Z and Kanye). A little early Christmas present to myself, if you will. I knew I had to look no further than my most recent fashion crush, Alice McCall, to find exactly what I was looking for. And as usual, I was right (...ok, I'm not always right, but I would say that at least 47.6 percent if the time I am). It was a pretty cool feeling walking into a high end fashion shop, knowing I would actually walk away with something in my hands-take that snobby shop assistants, I could afford to buy something! I'll be honest, it was a pretty long process and my shopping associate was extremely helpful and patient, enduring countless exclamations like, 'it would look better if it were like this' and 'no, this isn't the one'. But I knew what I wanted and I wouldn't stop until I had it, gosh darn it! Well, at least until the shop assistants kicked me out...

Eventually, I found it. The perfect piece. I stumbled upon it rather unexpectedly in a play suit of all things. I'll admit, I'm not usually that big of a fan when it comes to play suits...I don't know what it is, but they never seem to look quite right on me? But there was just something I couldn't resist about this one, it's like it had every good aspect of fashion incorporated into it. The classic white to give it class and elegance, the mesh to offer texture and the 'sports lux' feel, flower embroidery for a pretty, girly touch, cut outs on the back for some modern sexiness and, of course, tassels for some bohemian intrigue. It also has the appeal of being exceptionally versatile, meaning I can dress it up, or down, with ease. It was also the cheapest one I tried on-major winning!

So, with this pretty number purchased I've got one less thing to worry about this Christmas, phew! Now I'm all set for the mad rush of parties, family gatherings, Christmas dinners, lunches and brunches. Hmm, maybe this silly season won't be that cray after all...sorry Kanye.

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