Thursday, 6 December 2012

A MOnumental MOvember Party

Most of the time I would be highly adverse to the idea of facial hair on my own fact, many people go to great lengths to avoid such occurrences. However, there is one month every year that makes me a little jealous that I can't sprout a big furry friend on my upper lip, and that's November. Movember, if you will. You can always tell when it's that special time of year, when you see Handle bars, the Lampshade, the Toothbrush (please note that I am not referring to household objects-they're moustache styles) and, my personal favourite, the Fu Manchu (this one sounds like some crazy monkey), on every street corner. In fact, during Movember it seems the moustache is impossible to escape; it's on the face of the guy serving you beer, attached to the upper lip of the barista in your favourite cafe, pinned upon the face of that old Italian lady...oh wait. I always mentally give these guys a high five because Movember really is a great cause, so this year some friends and I decided to have a little shindig to see how much we could raise for charity. The Mo crew, christened The Burgundy Appeal (thank you Anchor Man), consisted of four Mo Bros and their respective Mo Sistas-I preferred the term Mo Hoe, but apparently that didn't fly...

The idea of being a 'Mo Sista', as they call it (meaning I would do the honours of relieving my Mo Bro of his furry wingman), was particularly exciting...though I was a little more than worried that my Mo Bro would walk away missing his mouth. But I was still keen as custard! My friends went above and beyond the call of duty with everything at the party being Mo-inspired. We feasted (literally feasted. A shout out to my peeps Jess, Shaun and Terry for all their hard work!) upon Mexican burritos and tacos and sipped on classic choices of Corona and Sol. There was also an incredible display when it came to dessert, with the table heaving under the weight of Mo-decorated cupcakes, Mo-shaped chocolate lollipops, chocolate peanut-butter cupcakes with additional decorative moustaches, chocolate ripple cake, rum balls and moustache covered cookies...God, life is tuff!

The party went swimmingly, and when it came down to the whole point of the evening, we were overwhelmed by people's generosity. We decided to up the stakes a little bit and so decided that for a set amount of money we would shave the heads of our Mo Bro's (giving me new stresses about him not having a head afterwards...especially after a few Coronas), and then wax parts of their legs for even more donations. In the end the four Mo participants walked away feeling much less hairy, though wincing slightly (I must say the waxing was extremely satisfying!), and we managed to raise a grand total of 1750 dollars for the Movember cause.

Mo Bro Shaun with Mo Sista Jess

Mo Bros 4 lyf!

My Mo-less Bro

After the deed. Ew.

All in all it was a very successful evening and we were all so happy with the generosity of everyone present. Everyone loves a good moustache (though perhaps not attached to the face of an old lady), so why not make the MOst of it and raise money for a great cause!

If you didn't get a chance to host your own Movember patry but would still like to donate, fear not! You can visit and search 'The Burgundy Appeal' to donate to our team and the Movember cause!

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