Monday, 19 November 2012

The Day I Got Hoodwinked By Some Glass Doors And Found Myself In Zimmermann...

We've all been there haven't we? When your walking down a street in good old Melbourne town, perfectly content and minding your own business, when suddenly out if nowhere, BAM! You see the shiny doors doors of a high end boutique glimmering innocently at you in the sunlight. 'Come in, you can trust us', they seem to say, 'We promise we won't make you buy anything'. LIES AND SLANDER I TELL YOU!! Before you know it you'll be walking through those sneaky, sneaky doors, that are surrounded by beautiful shop windows with wonderfully dressed, though very plastic looking, mannequins and you've as good as sold your soul. You're beyond all help.

This happened to me just the other day as I was, quite harmlessly, making my way through GPO, when suddenly the doors of Zimmermann beckoned me with their innocent little smile...well, not so much smile, but you get me. 'Maybe just one peek in?', I thought to myself. 'What harm could it do, really?' A rookie mistake if ever I've made one. So filled with the pretty pastels, florals and patterns of the Spring Summer collection was the shop, I had to stop myself from buying everything. I was especially taken with the Lotus Lace Back Drape Dress, the Lotus Silk One Shoulder Dress and the Lotus Tiger Strapless Dress. I was so taken, in fact, that the shop assistant asked me politely to stop smelling the dresses.

Anyway! If you have some dosh to spend, unlike yours truly, then what better way to spend it than on a beautiful Summer dress that you'll probably wear to death. Just remember my fellow shoppers, Rule Number One: Never listen to those shiny doors and enter a ridonkulously expensive shop if you can't afford it and Rule Number Two: If rule number one was ignored, well, I can't help you with that one...because ill probably be in the corner smelling the dresses.

Lotus Lace Back Drape Dress The Lotus Lace Back Drape Dress
Lotus Tiger Strapless Dress
The Lotus Tiger Strapless Dress

The Lotus Silk One Shoulder Dress

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