Thursday, 1 November 2012

St Ali North Side

Exciting news my caffeinated comrades! The building process for St Ali North is finally underway! I'm so glad to finally discover that the rumours on the coffee vine were not in fact rumours at all....otherwise I may have resorted to drowning myself in a huge tank of coffee. Actually, I can think of worse ways to die.

For those of you who haven't yet discovered the wonders of the original St Ali in South Melbourne (located at 12-18 Yarra Place to be perfectly precise), I recommend, nay, require you to go directly there for a lengthy, delicious and highly caffeinated Sunday breakfast. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. This cafe has some serious coffee nerdery going on and is pretty much the portal into the realm of coffee that Melbourne has become. With it's exposed warehouse fitout that oozes hipster cool, super chilled out staff and a fantastic menu, St Ali will definitely have you coming back for more. And I haven't even told you about the coffee yet! Always consistently fantastic, but then how could it not be with baristas like Matt Perger, 2011 Australia Barista Champion and 2011 third place World Barista Champion, behind their Slayer machine (I know, it sounds like the name of a Transformer, but I promise it makes a better coffee than Optimus Prime).

When I returned from my European jaunt and heard about the circulating news of a potential St Ali North from a little barista shaped birdie, I was beside myself with excitement (literally bouncing of the wall as though I'd just consumed five pour over coffees). I annoyed said barista so much with my incessant pestering for more information that he eventually rolled his eyes and told me to find out for myself what the happy happs was (for the record he did not actually use the term 'happy happs'....this phrase was added for my own personal benefit). I struggled to find much information about it other than the fact that there was indeed a proposal being considered, which could come into light within the next three to four months. After much searching and exasperation on my part, the owner of St Ali, San Malatesta, has just released a video on youtube confirming that work on the project has begun and that it's located in the North Carlton/Brunswick East-ish area on the corner of Nicholsen and Park Street. The new St Ali sounds as thought it'll be some kind of coffee Mecca that will cater to Coffee Geeks and fast moving lycra-clad cyclists alike. With innovative ideas like a coffee 'ride through' (the cafe is situated right next to a bike path) and names such as Pierre Roelofs (the pastry chef from Cafe Rosamond) and Matt Perger in on the gig, St Ali North is bound to be a huge success. I mean really, a St Ali on my side of town? Sounds like the coffee gods have finally answered my prayers ( I am, however, still awaiting Matt Perger's wedding proposal. I'm sure the day will come).

If you want to check out more about this awesome up and coming cafe just click on the link below. Coffee Freaks, start your engines...or rather jump on your fixie.

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