Friday, 16 November 2012

On a High After a Colour Injection From Emily Green

I don't know about you guys, but I am most certainly feeling a little grey due to our rather lackluster Melbourne Spring weather. But then I discovered Melbourne based designer Emily Green, who makes jewellery more colourful and feel good than episodes of The Care Bears and My Little Pony put together! Not that I would know how colorful either of these shows are. As I don't watch them....yes.

I digress! All of Emily Green's pieces are lovingly designed and carefully created in Melbourne's CBD and you can expect the highest of quality. The accessories explore bold colours and chaotic geometric shapes as well as softer water colour tones and more organic styles, so there really is something for everyone. One if my very favorite things about discovering a cool Melbourne based designer is seeing how this city inspires their work, for example Emily Green reflects the aesthetics of the inner North within her own, and how it varies from one designer to the next.

I know this is Melbourne and we're all 'black this, and black that', but really, we all need a bit of colour in our lives and that's why I love this assorted 18 bead necklace. It's fun, bright and best of all completely unique. Yup, each one is strung with a different array of coloured beads, making them entirely individual.

Another one of my favourite pieces from this Oh So Vibrant designer is the water colour silk scarves that are so perfectly delicate I wish I could just cocoon myself up in one and relish in it's softness. Or, alternately, you could just be normal and wear it around your neck! Both are good choices really. With it's pretty splotches of pastel colours you really can wear it with anything.

So, if you feel like you need a little something to brighten your life (and a kitten isn't readily available), then check out some Emily Green accessories. I garentee nothing will put a bigger smile on your face...except maybe back to back episodes of My Little Pony.

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