Thursday, 29 November 2012

Melbourne Central Fashion Show

You know what I love most about Melbourne? It's the fact that no matter where you look there's always something exciting going on. This was perfectly demonstrated when, on Wednesday night, I was casually walking through Melbourne Central and all of a sudden found myself walking through a set of black curtains, into a world of white, to watch a holligraphic fashion show. As you do.

The show in question was to celebrate the launch of the new Melbourne Central app, for iPhones and Androids. It offers users full availability to the Melbourne Central directory (so you don't have to stand at those big awkward screens looking like a tourist), including maps, store locator and it can even remind you where you parked your car. How convenient!

As soon as I walked through the curtains surrounding the show I felt as though I had fallen down the Rabbit's hole in Alice in Wonderland. Everything was white, with pretty garden chairs set up in front of the stage, waiters in suits baring trays of Verve champagne and freshly popped popcorn in cute pink boxes. The show itself was pretty cool. I won't lie, when I heard the term 'holographic fashion show' I had an image in my head of a group of people wearing 3D glasses squinting awkwardly at moving figures which may, or may not be, models. However I was most pleasantly surprised to find the show both unique and interesting. There were designers featured such as Karen Millen, Alannah Hill and Thurley and each piece was holographically enhanced with effects. At one point a model was on the stage with two copies of herself...and what could be better than three Karen Millen dresses at the same time instead of one!

It's this kind of random spontaneity that I love about Melbourne; a pop up fashion show here, a taco truck there...I think Melburnian's have a right to be the happiest people anywhere.

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