Sunday, 23 September 2012

On the Ball

The good old university ball. A night of sophistication, romance and fine fashion...well, at least for the first two hours before the free champagne and Kanye kicks in. But of course the very first question that entered my head when I was told I had a ticket to the Monash Science 'Winter Wonderland' ball was, what am I going to wear?! A new dress seemed absolutely necessary (yes, I do use formal outings as an excuse to buy new clothes. What of it?). I won't lie to you people, I do have a million and one dresses but none of them seemed right. And then, after weeks of searching, rummaging and agonising, I found it. The perfect dress. It was practically calling my name through the white shiny corridors of the Galleries Lafayette in Paris. The amazing, teal colored Karen Millen dress...and it was half price with the last one in my size! If ever there was a moment that I believed in God, it was this. I honestly believe that if you find the perfect dress for an occasion the night will be a success. Even if, by some terrible coincidence, you end up with a bad case of food poisoning, you can be safe in the knowledge that you looked really good with your head stuck in the toilet. So when I spied this ellegant number I knew straight away that it was fate.

Naturally, one of the best parts of a formal night out is getting ready for it, so I hijacked a friend for the afternoon who so wonderfully attended to my hair, nails and make up (I truly have the most wonderful friends). I was very happy with the overall effect, blue and green rimmed eyes to match the dress, subtle silver earrings with the perfect amount of shiny and the most wonderful hand made clutch with enough sparkle to rival a whole Swarovski shop. The night itself was fantastic. All my friends looked amazing, particularly Jess who was wearing a stunning floor length black Charlie Brown dress. The venue, Peninsular at Docklands, was decked out with blue lights, snow machines and people on stilts (good to know where the hard earned tax payer money is going), and they catered perfectly to our need for excess amounts of champagne. All in all, an incredible night. it was indeed a winter wonderland...and thankfully no food poisoning ensued.

What I wore:
Dress: Karen Millen
Shoes: Vintage Italian
Clutch: Lakshmi
Ring: Banjo and Lola
Nails: O.P.I.
Fur Stole: Vintage

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