Thursday, 27 September 2012

Melbourne's Taco Trip

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year or so, you would have noticed that Mexican food has hit Melbourne harder than a night out on tequila. Taquerias have been popping up on every street corner faster than, well, a pack of moustache sporting Mexicans. Hipsters venture out eagerly to authentic Los Amates on Johnston street, social networkers eagerly await the location of their local Taco Truck via Twitter and the brave (and most likely very hungry) tackle the impossible queues at infamous Mamasita, where the wait for a table can be up to three hours. Oh yes, melbourne does indeed have the taco trend bug (I wonder if its contagious...) and I get the feeling it will be sticking with us for quite some time.

So you can imagine the surprise of a co-worker when they asked where my favourite Mexican restaurant was and I had to reply that I'd never actually eaten Mexican food in Melbourne. Shock horror! Their disbelief was so great in fact, that I felt shamed into rounding up an eager vegetarian friend and heading out to Trippy Tacos,on Gertrude street, later that week. This place is the ultimate in casual dining (as well as being all vegetarian with vegan options), with an order and pay at the counter system and a grab your own cutlery and chipotle sauce concept. Both my friend and I couldn't go past the Original Trippy Taco Burrito filled with black beans, salad, cheese and salsa (which was made even more delicious by our own addition of avocado. Genius, I know). Also adored here are the paprika spiked fries and the grilled tofu burrito. By no means authentic it was still a relaxed and finger licking good introduction into Melbourne's Mexican food's good to see that the this food trend is still as hot as a handful of jalapeƱos.

So...we were kinda hungry and couldn't wait for photos to be taken, but you get the idea.

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